Wedding Collections

Hi there!

I'm so excited to hear about your proposal story, your vision for your big day, and my role in making your wedding day an unforgettable experience. Although you've read about me on the site already, here's three things you should know about me on your wedding day:

  1. I'll probably cry. I love love, and by wedding day we will already be besties, and i'll be so happy for you.
  2. I will most definitely be dancing while taking amazing reception photos. We love to have fun with you.
  3. Acts of service is my love language, so that means I usually like to bring snacks while you get ready, don't forget to eat on your big day, sister!

In all seriousness, I know the weight your wedding day holds. I want to give you beautiful photos that you will cherish forever, that you'll look at 20 years from now with love.

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Love notes from former Brides

Ashley & Kendall

Kristi did our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures. I can not say enough good things about her!! She is so easy and fun to work with. She truly cares about you and the work that she does and it clearly shows. She made our wedding so easy. She was so prepared and knew exactly what she was doing. If you’re looking for a photographer book with her!!


Collection 1

10 hours of coverage


Collection One will usually mean I'm there to photograph you towards the end of your 'getting ready' time and I can stay all the way through your formal exit. And I'll have a second shooter there too, so I can focus on all the big moments while he watches for emotional reactions and little in-between moments. Having 10 hours is the best way to ensure that I can be present for all the parts of your day, and my 10 hour couples never have to worry about rushing to get things done!

Collection 2

9 hours of coverage


Collection Two will usually put me there photographing you from 'getting ready' time until just enough into the party that your friends aren't too wildly drunk. ;) This collection also includes a second photographer, so I can focus on big moments and he can watch for special moments in the wings. This collection is my most-booked because it works for so many types and sizes of wedding days!

Collection 3

8 hours of coverage


Collection Three generally gives me time to photograph you from partway through your 'getting ready' time until a few of the big main reception events are done (like first dances & cake cutting). I'll also have a second shooter, so there will be two of us watching for big and small moments!


Are you available for elopements?

Yes! I can't always offer elopement collections (like on popular wedding dates where I'll likely book a full wedding), but inquire about your date for more information. Pricing for elopements starts at $800 for 2 hours, one photographer, 100 mile round trip and an online gallery of images.

Vendor Recs

I have a list of my favorite vendors that all my clients get as soon as they book! I love recommending people that I know will help make your day super amazing.

How to book

I love that question the most!! All I need to get this ball rolling is your first & last name and email address, your fiancé's first & last name and email address, and your collection choice. You can just email me back with that information and I'll do the rest!!
I'm so excited to work with you!

Selecting second shooters

I have a ton of great photographer friends that all call on each other to second shoot. We are all qualified professional photographers, with approximately equal skills and experience. But regardless of who second shoots, I edit all the photos myself for stylistic consistency. You won't even be able to tell who's camera each photo in your gallery came from!

Payment Plans

The retainer fee will be a flat $500, but beyond that you are welcome to make payments however suits you (as long as it's paid in full by 30 days prior to the wedding). Most of my clients pay monthly installments. We'll definitely discuss this during booking!