5 Reasons Why you should have a "First Look" at your Wedding.

My first blog...yay!

Today we are going to discuss having a "first look" on your wedding day. 

I completely understand some brides may be more traditional, and that is completely okay! Whether you are modern, or traditional your day should be as perfect and stress free as possible. Today I want to discuss from a photographer's perspective why having a first look is going to make your day easier, and more special. So here we go, five reasons why you should have a first look..

1. This makes the first time you see each other so much more intimate and special. Your wedding day is so full of tasks, and full of so many wonderful people, and I truly believe that having a moment just the two of you before the big day, can be so special for you.

2. First look pictures. Some of my favorite photos are those I've taken during a first look. Just the two of you guys and me, allows you to be yourself and show your emotions without the pressure of everyone watching.

3. First looks help your timeline. The wonderful thing about doing first looks before the wedding is it allows you to also take photos with your wedding party, and family first. That way after your wedding your guests aren't waiting an hour for ALLL the photos.

4. Get to your reception quicker! This kind of goes along with number 3, if all your photos are done before your wedding, all you have to do is take the remainder of family photos, and go PARTY. 

5. Last but not least, you should have first look photos only if that's what you want. As a photographer, I feel like it's my responsibility to help you make your dream day happen. I truly believe that your wedding day should be everything you and your partner want. If you're needing a wedding photographer, I would LOVE to help you out.